Sallie once had – but after three years of annoyance at their constant brain-farts and downtime, she broke down and did what she dreaded to do – buy a new domain.

This is that site, a slowly growing collective for her, although there will probably be very sites here. Mostly this is for image hosting, and friend hosting.

The name comes from a common typo of giraffe, made by a friend once. Said friend hates that I have fallen in love with the typo and use it everywhere.

An early thirties Scouser, with an unhealthy obsession with giraffes, snails, seahorses, grim reapers and scythes.

Was once heavily into the Pokémon fandom with no less than two Team Rocket fansites. I had a hayday of fanpages and Original Content pages. Nowadays is far more website lazy.

Enjoys playing her Red Nintendo 3DSXL and farting around in Sai.

Has over 20,000+ posts on her LJ, mostly about nothing.

Rigaffe's current layout features a Doujinshi image of Edgeworth from the PHEONIX WRIGHT ACE ATTOURNEY games.
It was lazy made and painstakingly coded by Sallie.

Magical Blue Pencils - My art project collective. Often neglected, but only because I don't art that often.

Wishstars - A site dedicated to the art and giftart of Saku and my joint novel.

Dildofish - My much loved Livejournal. Updated less constantly these days.

Tumblr - I've been known to tumble.

Animal Crossing Tumblr - Someimes I'm a bit funny.

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My Partner:
Deviantart + Trans Deviantart
My Boyf's talented.

Terminal-Romance.NET - Kinky-J's Domain.

Bloogum.NET - Narti's domain.

in-revolution.NET - Odile's domain.

Friends Links:
Teabug - Katie's Portfolio

Nekophoenix@DA - HollyNeko's art.

Snailbird.COM - Nikki's Domain

K-A.NET - Kamara's neglected domain.